Sculpt mode is alway slow

Blender’s Sculpt mode is alway slow, What the PC requirements ?..
Ive been using Sculptris and rendering in cycles


Following up on Richard’s advice, I can add this: if you’ve been using Sculptris, you may want to try out dynamic topology, which is present in recent versions of Blender (e.g. 2.66 testbuild has it).

As for requirements, I cannot give you any specific numbers, but with multiresolution sculpting my machine (i3 2100 with 4Gb RAM) is able to handle maximum of 16M polygons. And by “able” I mean it’s not even lagging much, except for navigation (which is amendable by Fast Navigate option). I used to top out at 6M (because next subdivision would make it 24, and it just couldn’t handle that), but after a little investigation and playing with base mesh poly counts I found that anything up to 16M was totally fine. Not that I have a need to go any higher any time soon.

I’m going to write this here because there’s nowhere else to put it: I find that at high multires levels, despite the obvious lag, I can never max out the cpu when making brush strokes (all threads are used but at low levels). The strange thing is that I get about 70% cpu usage if I scale the brush way up to the size of the whole mesh, but only around 20% cpu usage with a really small brush (and yet it lags badly). I know it’s nothing to do with the GPU since I can rotate the viewport easily, and yes I always do the checklist of things for improving performance. So I’m wondering… is RAM speed important when making brush strokes? I have DDR3-1333. Could that be a bottleneck? Does anyone with faster RAM notice the same problem? Or could it something code related? :spin:
cpu: i7
ram: 8GB DDR3-1333
gpu: gts 250

Blender is not a good scupting application if you want speed when sculpting with high resolution model. Zbrush is A LOT quicker with the same system spec…