Sculpt mode is behaving strangely

I don’t know what is going on. I have x symmetry turned on but blender seems too think that it should mirror randomly across the surface of my model.

It seems that the top of the model is somehow connected to the bottom. This is happening no matter whether symmetry is on or off. Does anyone know what is causing this? Any quick fixes?

I should probably give more details. This is a simple box modeled head that I have been sculpting. There are is a multires modifier and nothing else applied to the mesh. This odd mirroring happens no matter if the symmetry is set to x y z or none and it only just started half way through the sculpt. The problem only happens with this one object. Any ideas? I really don’t feel like starting over.

Make sure you have applied rotation and scale in object mode.

Thanks m9105826 ill give that a try.

Unfortunately that didn’t work. I even rebuilt the head and had the same problem. Weirdly this only seems to effect the head mesh. The 3 piece suit and barrel that I have in the scene are not affected. Any way I got around the problem by exporting the head as a .obj and importing it into a new file which seems to have fixed what ever was going on.