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I’m scultping a character, and I think there is something missing, unless there’s a tool that I’m not aware of, or some technique. Is there a convenient way of Move, Rotate and Scale from a certain point some parts of the model in sculpt mode, the same way (or something like) you can do it in zbrush? For example, I noticed that the hand are very small compared to the rest of the body, then what I wanna do is just scale the whole hand, but retaining the details. I know this can be done in edit mode, but I think it should be a better way, in sculpt mode, as I’m using a multi resolution mesh, and it doesn’t work with that.

Is there a good way to achieve this?

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but I think it should be a better way, in sculpt mode
That’s what edit mode is for.

Is there a good way to achieve this?
Switch to edit mode, edit mesh, go back to sculpt mode.

You have the transpose line in zbrush because it lacked basic mesh editing tools

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Thank you very much for the response!

Edit mode isn’t a good alternative (especially with high resolution meshes), and it’ll require a lot of clean up afterward. Setting up a armature is the best alternative right now imo. Still very tedious compared to a proper transpose tool though.

Ignore everything I said if you’re sculpting with multiresolution rather than dyntopo (which seems like a insane way to work to me but to each their own :))

Don’t forget to turn proportional editing on as you move and scale though, as that should you keep the surrounding detail in the sculpts better proportioned.

Also look at using the Laplacian Deform modifier, it can be seen as an advanced proportional editing tool once you set the target vertices.

you can create transform brushes from existing brushes (Grab > Translate , Pinch/Magnify > Scale, Twist > Rotate ). Just copy the brushes by pressing “2” next to their name , then press " F" to make them have a fake user (this will keep the brushes on the file if you save and close it).

Then on each brushes “curve” tab choose “Max” setting (the last one on the buttons on below the curve grid).

Now one thing to note is if you use dynatopo you should disable it before using the brushes (performance issue).

The other thing to note is symmetry will interfere with the brushes if the brush size extends beyond the center line ( you might need to disable symmetry and then use symmetrize ).

If all of this sounds too much work then your best option is to use Lattice deform.

Using lattices will allow fast deformation ( there is also mesh deform but is so much slower compared to lattice and can crash on dense meshes). Note that you can use multiple lattices (modifiers can stack on deformation).

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Thank you all. It helped me a lot!

that was great thanks for your reply