Sculpt Mode on mac?

I’m having a problem with Sculpt Mode on my Mac and I was wondering if anyone was having the same problem? I can’t get it to work at all on my G5. But I have a Mac with an Intel chip and it works fine. I have the right blender version on my G5 the powerPC version.
And on my Intal I have the intel version. Is this a bug I need to turn in to devlopers or not?


That’s odd. Sculpt mode works fine for me on both of the machine types you emntioned. Could you explain what happens when you try and enter sculpt mode? Does it freeze, or what?

Nothing happens. I start with a mesh plane, add some loop cuts, add some multires about 4 or 5. Go to the 3d view with my mouse press n so I can have it all my stuff right there.
Start to sculpt and my plane just sits there it doesn’t move. I can’t inflate i can’t add, sub, or anything. But it works fine on my other computers don’t know.

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Hi, I’m experiencing this problem using a MacBook Pro 2.4GHz, NVIDIA 8600M GT. The sculpt brush simply doesn’t have any apparent effect on the mesh. I’ve searched around but haven’t had much luck finding any consistency in the comments of others reporting this problem (some don’t experience it at all, others say sculpt mode causes crashes, others such as Kerry27 find that it works on a PPC Mac but not an Intel one…).

Could anyone shed some light on this please?

I have the same problem as Mandy… I was initially hoping that Blender 2.45 would fix the problem, but my mac still can’t seem to sculpt. All other functions seem to be working…

I’d file a bug report with Apple,


I’m having the same problem… But i’m on Linux!
(2.6.21 / debian unstable, 2.45 download & svn build @ 10/05).

I’m on linux too. and I’ve never used blender on any other platform so I don’t know really whats up if they’re diffrent.

but did you try sculpting with the other mouse button? LMB… For me I sculpt with the RMB because my changed my setting so that the LMB does everything and RMB moves the cursor. but in sculpt mode the RMB is the sculpty button…

seriously I’m new to blender so If you knew that already, I’m sorry. just trying to help.

Man, i’m desperate, so i appreciate all efforts :slight_smile: thanks for replying! I have tried using LMB, in fact, i’ve tried all different perspectives, coming from different modes ( vertex paint, texture paint, etc), using different brushes, setting the tablet strength to 0 as well as size, compiling new blenders :p, the old blenders…

Which tells me, its not blender that’s changed, it’s … a library or something? Maybe my kernel tells blender i’m using a tablet, while i’m not? I’m just plain guessing here… so again, all help is appreciated :slight_smile: thanks bubs, if you have any other ideas i’d be pleased to hear ^^!

[edit: have i said i’m desperate already? sculpt mode is THA BOMB!! and now i’m a lighter without fuse, i’m a writer without a pencilsharpener, i’m … a blenderhead without sculptmode! ;p]

[edit2: Am I the only one with this problem? Debian testing on a dual core, abit mb, 2gb ram, all versions of blender - it seems to be a common combination right?.. I guess it’s karma :(]

[edit3: have I said blender doesnt give any information in debug mode? it seems to think its doing fine!]

I’m having the same problem (debian testing x64, no sculpting). I know it works fine under windows and ubuntu (which uses 2.44, not 2.45) so I don’t know what’s up.

I’m running Blender 2.45 with Python 2.35 and OS X 10.4.10 on an Intel Core Duo iMac. I’ve also found that sculpt mode frequently won’t want to work. What I’ve found that will often get it going is to turn on “airbrush” and put the object at an angle to the screen. It seems that once the tool starts working, I don’t have any further problems afterwards. I’ve also found that sometimes even at it’s highest setting the brush sometimes has little effect.

I’ve run into a couple other bugs with the Intel build of 2.45 (which may have existed in earlier versions): long file paths names can cause Blender to crash, the Unwrap tool sometimes works and other times it doesn’t, etc. It’s been kind of frustrating…

Nice to see some replies at last ^^… I got the tool to work a bit as well, in somewhat the same way as you did - by putting the object in an extreme angle, plus moving the vertices around in edit mode. Unlike your case, bigkahuna, it doesn’t work right after that at all… it just moves some vertices, but not in the right proportions, and then it stops working again. Lucky you ;D

I’ve tried running blender with wine (windows emulator for linux) - it runs ‘fine’ but no sculpt mode, either. So I’m thinking it’s some OpenGL library thing, but I’ve tweaked around with everything I know to exist (which, I admit, isn’t too much). I’d like to inform some programmer about the ‘bug’, but… whom to turn to? The Nvidia-guys? The blendercoders? Maybe the mesa-library guys :P?

@jakv: what kind of video card are you using?

Let’s get this thing fixed!

FYI, my iMac has the ATI x1600 graphics card. You can go to and follow the links to the bug tracker. AFAIK you have to sign up for an account first, but after that you should be able to post bugs anytime you need to. I lucked out, the last bug I reported (a few days ago) got fixed by Cambo within a day or two. Hopefully we can get this resolved soon…

A bit more into the problem… I’m suffering of this illness too :slight_smile:

I’m running Debian stable/testing hybrid with stable as major. Linux 2.6.22-2-amd64 with 2GB RAM, Dual core, Nvidia (and intel onboard).
I have exactly the same setup on two machines with the difference of one of them having the Nvidia board. At this point, I couldn’t yet isolate the cause, but I think that the nvidia GLcore libraries and the blender package don’t mix well. I installed the nvidia drivers using the installer from nvidia, and only installed the debian nvidia-common package to keep the drivers loading at boot. Everything works fine and so far I haven’t detected any kind of problem with other OpenGL dependent apps. Still the sculpt tool doesn’t work…

On the other machine, the one with the intel driver, the sculpt tool works fine, and as I said, the only difference in terms of hardware is the nvidia board.

Also I have a laptop with ATI X700, 1GB, x86 Pentium M, running Gentoo where I have no such problem either.

However, before having the Nvidia card, I can’t remember exactly but I do think the problem was already present. So I’m more inclined to some weird library that blender is linking against and is breaking things…

Any suggestions would be welcome, however I cannot do tests that imply the removal of the Nvidia board.

@ scraze Did you install the nvidia package on the system like I did?

Some advice from experts on the field would be nice… At the moment only Debian (Linux) and Mac had such problems. So I guess we could start by filling a bug @Debian. I dunno where to do so because Debian is not my “home” distro.
The second place would probably be NVIDIA but that is probably a no go, since driver development is a bit slow on the bug solving basis, unless something else is also broken.
So I would turn to blender team… maybe they can shed some light on the problem.


Sorry guys, had a busy weekend - but I’m back with ‘good’ news: I filed a bugreport.

It’s kind of messy, but so is the bug ;D
I also gave the url of this thread, so we might see some Nicholas Bishop flying by ;p

@Unc0de: yep, I installed in the same way - we have a pretty same setup anyway. i’ve got an intel chipset ICH8 on my motherboard-what’s yours :P?

I’ve been wobbling around in the code a bit, if you guys are willing to recompile blender with a few changes in the code I’ve made, we could see if we really have the same problem. That would make it a bit easier, I think… :eek:

Have the same problem on the following system:
Athlonb64, Nvidia 6600GT (driver version NVIDIA-Linux-x86-100.14.23), 2G RAM, Debian Lenny/Sid, kernel 2.6.23-lowlatency.
Blender versions tested: 2.45 from unstable repository, 2.45-svn, 2.44 official build.

Sculpt mode works fine on the same system with Ubuntu Studio 7.04 previously installed, also it works now on the Ubuntu Gutsy virtualbox machine (with no opengl support)

Hope it helps

Sorry the delay… I’ve been busy lately.
Yep I got the same chipset and the graphics is “nVidia Corporation NV44 [GeForce 6200 TurboCache™]”.

I did a couple of tests myself … These computers all have intel graphics onboard. After switching to those and reloading X the sculpt still doesn’t work. And this troubles me… because as I said before, I have another machine with exactly the same hardware (minus the nvidia) and the sculpt tool works there!!!

I was expecting that the onboard graphics would work… but they don’t! More, the base setup was exactly the same, since the machines were cloned.

ATM I can only think of one thing… Since we both installed the driver via nvidia installer, the only explanation would be that the installer replaces something that causes the malfunction… The only solution would be to reinstall the “debian” package that contains this (or these) file(s). Since I’m assuming here, I dunno what files are these and if they are indeed the cause.

I’m going to try some live distro that contains blender and nvidia drivers (do you know one?) … If this works then … debian has work to do :no:


PS: And so does NVIDIA :no: :no: :no:

Back again … I nailed down the problem!!!

As I previously said, I was going to use a liveCD to test this. And so I did.
I downloaded ArtistX and then … It didn’t work! Nothing new so far, but then I tried it on the machine where blender was working and PUF it didn’t work either. So there was only one possibility.
This ArtistX distro is also based on Debian. And therefore there must be something “new” here that breaks blender. Since I could only think of Mesa I checked what were the differences between the two machines! And I found the cause!

@scraze - Browse your system files and check if you have libglu1-mesa installed. I’m guessing you have it and is something like >=libglu1-mesa-7.0.1.
Downgrade to libglu1-mesa-6.5.1 and you should be fine!!

As soon as I downgraded, Blender sculpt started to work just fine…

In any case… this is actually not an hardware specific problem and more like a dependency change problem.

I think that if the solution I mentioned also works for you, the bugzilla report should be updated so that the blender dev team can patch blender to work with the newest GLU libraries.
Or if the problem is on the GLU libs (that went off track), report it to the mesa team. If this was intentional then we fall-back to Blender devs again.

Problem solved :yes::D;)

Unc0de!! You’re my hero :cool: works as a peach for me too.

(I’m actually a little ashamed that I spent so much time not finding it ;p… but it doesnt matter at all, now I’m so happy that I can sculpt again! heh.)

I’ll close the bugreport with your info. Thanks a lot, and for all who are still looking for the solution: It may just be to downgrade your software OpenGL-libs !
Seems like libglu1-mesa < 7.0.2 and > 6.5 has this bug:
So check the version of your libGL-supplying mesa-package; try upgrading, then try downgrading.

Thanks so much Unc0de!

in 2020 it seems the problem is still here cant sculpt with a left click in sculpt mode?