sculpt mode Question. if not Feature request...

I’ve been sculpting in blender today and I would sculpt a bit then subdivide then sculpt some more and subdivide and so on. but now I’m at the point where the smooth tool doesn’t smooth well. is there a way to go down a level of subdivision? I don’t want to get rid of the subD levels I just want to be able to switch back and forth to fine tune my model.

Yes, under the Multi Res tab, click down one level, under the tab that you used to increase a level at a time. You’ll see the current level, and clicking the left side should reduce the level and when you want to return just click the right side.:smiley:

yea… I used the W menu the subdivided there. so I just decimated the thing down do a .2 then will try again from there. actually I was surprised that the decimate didn’t mess up the mesh as much as I thought it would!


Sorry craigomatic my last post kinda looked a little snotty to me. So I know it has to to other people.

I didn’t mean for it to look like that. I just wanted to say that I used the subdivide in edit mode then hit w to bring up the specials menu.

sorry if your offended I appreciate any help and I don’t mean to sound like an a-hole but sometimes it happens.

Umm, no worries, I’ve not been the perfect poster sometimes, either. I was referring to using the multi res tab that you find in all modes right beside the modifier tab - use that, and you’ll be able to go up and down in subdivision. Glad you are enjoying the sculpt mode - it’s very powerful and Nicholas did a great job so far :slight_smile: