Sculpt mode question

I have problem with sculpting. I’ve done everything like in the beginning of this tutorial I linked here. But when I start to sculpt, it will make bumps, not sleak edges like in this tutorial starting in 3:30. Because maker of that tutorial doesn’t tell any shortkeys all anything (which sucks) I don’t know if he presses different key or something.

What I’m trying to do is making a simple wall but to it have edges what are more realistic and with that technique I could make those kind of edges to the wall but I just don’t understand the sculpt mode.

Please, could you help me out with this?

Ensure you have applied any object scale (Ctrl+A)
Supply a link to your .blend file fore review (upload to and reply with a download link)

I just don’t get it what I do wrong. The sculpt tool does nothing like in the video. It makes same effect in both sides of the mesh, and it’s making bumps when I press key. This is insane. Done everything like in the video but the effect is totally different. Is it because he’s using Blender 2.5 and I have the latest?

Blender version will make no difference

Read the second sentence of my previous post