Sculpt mode request : layering...

Hey everyone,

First up, sorry if this isn’t the right area to ask this (if not, where is better?).

I have a request for Nicholas with the (jaw droppingly amazing) sculpting tools. How hard would it be to fix the layer mode so that we could paint one layer at one level with multiple brush strokes? At the moment a second stroke of the layer brush builds again on top of the previous stroke.

So say for instance I’ve got a character and I want to paint a T-shirt around their chest, if I could paint the front of the character, then spin it around to the side and keep painting the layer at the same height, that would be hugely helpful.

Good idea here. I’ve now committed this to the 2.5 branch. Thanks in particular for including a use case with your feature request :slight_smile:

Wow! Try getting Autodesk to implement a feature request within 24 hours! Awesome - this is why I’m quitting Max for Blender. Even if some features are never incorporated, at least I know where I stand and I can look forward to transparent development and constant information from the devs themselves.


24 hours?

I notice you needed a name for the option. How about “stacking” instead of “persistence?” Turning layer stacking on make it work like the original tool. Turning it off making it perform the behavior.

Not sure if this would make sense but how about having an option called “Normal” with an option to set it at minus/ plus N amount (maybe upto 10), it would work in the same way as what the OP wanted, but it would let you select a distance from the oringal face normals that the sculpt tool would bring the new geometry out too. (i’m no good at explaining features haha).

Basically if i had a sphere and i selected the layer brush and turned on normal, and then set the value to 0.1, it would layer the mesh upto that distance, no further (no less, not sure if that would be desirable… could depend on the strength). That way you could have a clear idea of how deep the layer will be on the model, as well as giving the user a clear idea of what is happening and how.

24 minutes?


That. Is amazing.

Thanks Nicholas :slight_smile:

Hey Nicholas, just tried that update, it’s GREAT :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I notice that there is some problem when sculpting with the clay tool and increase it strength 60%, Each time I press the brush while sculpting, it make the form of the curve. I think there is a problem with the strength of the brush when setting it too high.