sculpt mode test (head wip)

I’m testing the new sculpt mode, and will post here the work in progress.
I started with a low poly mesh of a head I made some time ago, and I’m progressively adding details.
I’m must say the sculpt mode is perfect, it makes almost a new software out of blender !

I’m no expert, so it looks great to me, but you might want to work on taking the shine out of the skin, it’s way too glossy right now.

update :
Removed the skin shader for the moment (anyway, it was way too glossy as you spoted, blackboe), to focus on the modelling.
Still working on the general shape.

update :
more details. Skin is back for this shot.
I don’t really like the area around the eyes… have to work on this.

Edit : another view (slightly more detailed)

Yet another small update… I’m slow

Very interesting render. Looks like SSS? How did u achived such a result???

I like her smile something mysterious…keep it up

It’s a mix of two renders : one normal, and one fake sss (the sss over the normal, in “hard light” mode. For the fake sss I followed this tutorial

Still messing around with the shaders… getting interstings results but that’s not skin yet. Well, next update I’ll be finished with the modelling I hope.

I like her smile something mysterious…keep it up
Thanks ! Will try to keep that mood.

woah scary :wink:

I don’t think fake sss is helping you. All you really need is better lighting, if you just rely on this you’ll end up with a gelatin like character.

Nice sculpting though.

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