Sculpt Mode Test - Skull

starting with an icosphere because it has even polygon distribution, unlike a UV sphere, which has a concentration of geometry at the poles.

i’m not using multi-res. my workflow so far is to model in sculpt mode and every once in a while jump into edit mode and subdivide where i need detail.

about 60-70% done:

anatomy criticism is welcome, although the emphasis and reason for this project is on integrating sculpt mode into my modeling workflow.

Great work!
Had never tried the sculpt modelling thing until I saw this. Just tried it, you have my admiration sir, found it very hard to use.

Hominid skull?

The ‘eyebrows’ aka the ‘cro magnon ridge’ on a human skull are about halfway up the skull - the face is about 5/8ths of the vertical height… Face is surprisingly small compared to the total size of skull on most people.

In the skull above the face is ‘too tall’ and the forehead is ‘too short’ (vert).

The skull has nice size but its ‘going towards the neck’ when there should be more skull (brain) right behind and above the eyebrows… Side view looks like you have the correct shape… But front view shows way too large face. If you follow me…

And I think the jawbon is also some 10-20 percent too large… very common mistake…

Or perhaps you modeled an very peculiar individual with huge chin and face and small forehead - humans, after all, come in all kinds of shapes these days :slight_smile:

I have a skull here in front of me and also two live heads :stuck_out_tongue: Comparing… And I see a strange ‘ridge’ going on in your model, from the nose diagonally downwards to the cheekbone… This skull doesnt have that kind of ridge. And now that I look at that part above the teeth, perhaps there is less space between the lower edge of the nose and the point where the teeth begin (and maybe thats whats making the face look so ‘tall’).

Just my opinion, I hope it helps, you are very close…

thanks pikseli. some very good points there. it’s been awhile since i too, have held a human skull (finished art school 7 yrs ago). i’m going by some graphite drawings i found on the internet - in hindsight i probably should have sought out photo reference.

i shall perservere. thanks again.

as you can see from the two small patches i’ve done, the retopo tool works very well.

pikseli, i’ve tried to address your concerns about the proportions. i used a huge ‘grab’ brush in sculpt mode, and was basically able to punch the model into different proportions using only a few mouse clicks. i’ve also taken out the peculiar line you identified near the nose, but all other changes will be done on the retopologised model.


Damn those edges look juicy near the teeth… almost like hand-inked shadows…

i just watched a video of some guy speed modeling with the new Silo beta sculpting tools, and thought to myself ‘this looks exactly like blender’.

so i tried to imitate his technique. here’s a link to the Silo video:

and here’s a 360 view of my cartoonish head, after 90 min (120 min if you include how long it took me to figure out how to upload the video to photobucket):

i didn’t want to start a new thread for this, and since this thread is about testing sculpt mode, i thought it would fit here best.

LOL! i don’t know why photobucket chose that frame! the video starts with the head facing forward.

Scuplt mode?!

Wow, I’ve been away from blender for too long. How do I get into said mode…?

You need to download a CVS build with sculptmode. (in other words it’s not in 2.42)

forgot to post retopologised skull model:


did you retopo by painting or by extruding each vertice that is there? Some other auto mode?

i used both methods, about 50/50 split.

it’s a great skull, though I would like to see the teeth sepperated from eachother and from the rest of the skull.

Nice sculpting, TroutMask - and the retopologised model looks really promising! I 'll have to try that, too…

Great progress.


Yes, it looks great. I wish there was a scultmode quick tut… Hehe and I wish I knew what is the retopo -tool? Too bad I dont have time to play around with the CVS copy until maybe next week, but that looks like very desirable feature.

A bit of clarification,

Sculptmode is not part of bf-head in CVS yet, and IIRC nicholas stopped updating his SOC branch in CVS and is submitting all new work in the form of a patch against bf-head.


Very nice model, and a very good call on using the icosphere as a base. I think that the retopo version is still perhaps a bit too complex in places, but its looking really nice! I’m also curious to know if the model in the turnaround also started as an icosphere?


zarf, the cartoonish head started out as a cube. i used the multi res for the cartoon head, but not for the skull. the disadvantage of multi res is that it subdivides the entire model, thus increasing the memory footprint, but for simple stuff i think multi res is the way to go. i was quite happy with multi res - the keyboard shortcuts make it easy to jump up and down the levels of subdivision, just as in the Silo video i linked to earlier.