Sculpt Mode, the whole character?

Hello all,

I have been looking for a tutorial on the new sculpt mode tool that covers creating a whole character but most of the tutorials I can find deal with heads.

I wish to make a full character to use in animations, I’ve put a lot of time into learning to make and manipulate loops, edges and faces. I add that just to say that I understand that aspect of mesh modeling. The thing I’m lacking is the techniques for getting a base mesh ready for the sculpt mode.

I guess I mainly asking for a tutorial that will show me how to make a good base character mesh that I can use in the sculpt mode.

Thanks in advance for help with this!

Try this:

As far as sculpting, all I can tell you is study human anatomy. If you create your base mesh well enough, and have good edge loops and such (as you said you understand), the sculpting should just kind of flow. I don’t know how to explain it, its something that will eventually come as a second nature to you. Look for basic zbrush tutorials if you can’t find any for the blender sculpting. Yes, you don’t have the same amount of tools, but just follow them and you’ll see the basics of sculpting come out.

Sounds good to me, I’ve looked into MakeHuman, reading threw there overview of the “K-Mesh” explained a lot about the flow of human anatomy. There meses just seem to have such a high poly count that for what I want to do, it is over kill but a great reference for topology flow.

Seems at any rate/technique I should also look into using something like nvidia melody before applying any multires levels, to create a decent normal map and keep the poly count to a minimal? I do plan to make some animations.

Thanks for the link and help,