Sculpt Mode

I’ve been trying to get Sculpt Mode to work and it doesn’t do anything. I start with the default cube or UV ball and go to sculpt mode and click on everything and it doesn’t change. Is there something I need to do to convert it first?

The default cube only has 8 vertices. That’s all you’ve got to move around so you’re not going to see a whole lot happening

You need a sufficiently dense mesh to sculpt (Multiresolution modifier) or use the Dynamic Topology option in the Sculpt / Topology setting

Can you explain that a little better? I haven’t heard of a dynamic topology option before. Thank you

I’ll let someone else show you

Thank you for the video. Apparently the Topology feature isn’t in blender 2.5 so I can’t do it. It must be an add on or something you have to buy.

Dynamic Topology was featured in Blender starting with Blender 2.66.

Blender 2.5 is very buggy, the even older Blender 2.49b was much more stable and more fully featured. You should get a more recent version of Blender to benefit from the better stability and much more functionalities.

Click your object and go to the modifiers panel. Click the Multiresolution modifier and click subdivide several times. Go into to sculpt mode and it should be working.


I should say download and install blender 2.67b that version is working good. I’ve it.

Good luck