Sculpt - Mouth and eyes difficulty

Hello guys,

I wanna a little help to sculpt, especially mouth and eyes. Anybody know a good material reference (can be any sculpt software) about how i can start sculpting? I Wanna learn the flow of the process, how i modify my mesh to make the mouth, if i start making a hole in the part of eyes or not… things like that.

Thanks guys!

a good software to learn is Sculptris is free and for me is good start point that help me a lot, with it you don’t have to worry about poly counts, but remember that is a bit different from the blender internal sculpt mode !

Perhaps it could help you if I describe my workflow.

  1. Basic Sculpt without ears and low detail mouth (no holes)
  2. Add a new mesh and build a good loopflow above the surface of the sculpt
  3. Poly by Poly modelling the ears and connect them to the new head with good topology
  4. Sculpt on the new mesh until the head looks good.

best regards,