Sculpt of my dad

Hello there, long time reader first time posting; i’m becoming more serious about sculpting/modeling and wanted to challenge myself using limited references and learn how to render in cycle as i have not done any until recently.

Anyway i’ll keep it brief, here are my renders; done in cycles.
Some editing done in pixlemator.


well, i dont know your Dad but i would say the sculpt is looking good!

nice sculpt. i like the presentation of the profile in particulary, good lighting in this one.

Why thank you. Although my wife pointed out recently that there’s something a bit off, which means i should keep working on it.
I probably should have been more careful to get the smaller(hard to notice) details right being it a person in real life.
i also feel a bit ashamed because i should know what my dad looks like! lol, Oh well.

hey don’t feel ashamed about it, you know, we all think we know how a dear person looks like, but actually we don’t… this is common in most people, learning to really see and then know how a person looks is a true challenge. that is why doing portraits is quite difficult. even though i don’t know how your father looks, you managed to create quite a believable bust. well done, keep going and enjoy!