Sculpt onto Marvelous clothing (Animated mesh with multires)

I’ve tried to use a multires modifier on an animated mesh from marvelous (Alembic) but can’t view any sculpted results.

When I’m in sculpt mode I can work on it and see the results, however when I switch to edit mode, layout/render view and so on the sculpted changes don’t show.

Is there any additional steps that are needed, or specific way of adding detail to marvelous designer clothing in blender (or adding detail to an already animated mesh).

I know usually you’d sculpt then animate, but I thought the multires allowed for adding detail while maintaining the base mesh (unless you turn on the check mark to alter the base mesh).

Surely there’s a way to use/add to garments without being limited to static meshes?

Thanks in advance

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Hey! Did you manage to find a solution for this? The only way I got to change my animated meshes is with Lattice. But not able to add details unfortunately… :frowning: