Sculpt, Paint and Comb: Newbs please crit

Yeah - I’m working on a thing that new users of Blender can use to try out various ‘fun’ features of Blender like Sculpting, Painting and Combing hair. Hopefully this will then lead to some more indepth tutorials to create backgrounds through
box modelling, and to keyframe-animate the character, soft-body the hair, etc.


Sounds like a good attempt to help the newbs out. I’m working with a lot of people who are used to using very complex utilities such as Maya and Max. Their biggest complaint is that when they get into the program they can’t just click around a start doing stuff because it doesn’t work. I think if you also include some info about the power of the popup space bar menu in the 3d window and also the basic keyboard shortcuts of G, S, and R then that will also help the noobs out. :slight_smile:

Really? Maya’s hotbox comes up with spacebar as well. Odd they wouldn’t grasp that.
A great idea.