Sculpt/Paint/Brush Tools menu

Ever been sculpting or painting in full screen & needed to jump to the toolshelf for simple tasks? Is this interfering with your workflow & concentration?
Introducing Brush Tools

Hotkey Alt/v in Blender nightly builds now.

Thanks to Imaginer for allowing me to rewrite the brush modes from his advanced ui addon & consolidate them into 1 hotkey/menu. also thamks to lijenstina for remind me of the nice small brush icons code he wrote.

Yes but my Texture Paint Plus is more usefull! :mad:

@Meta-Androcto: This looks like a great timesaver, thank you for making this! Does it display added custom brushes aswell?
I would find out myself, but with the latest build I just downloaded 3 minutes ago, I get this using alt v:

Maybe this is from HardOps? Looks like it happens here, too, and seems like the preview options for that? But I don’t know for sure yet.

I cannot try this yet, but I wonder about persistence - do I need to keep popping the shortcut to get all the settings done?

@Craig Jones: Thanks for the tip, you´re right, it´s a Hard Ops popup. When I deactivate HO and restart Blender, it goes away. Also nothing else happens when I press alt v. :frowning:

@Meta-Androcto: Can you please tell me the Identifier name of the operator? I would like to see if I can assign a custom hotkey to it.

Is/was this available as an addon prior to the release? I am not finding the shortcut in the keymaps under image paint or sculpt as I thought it would show up.

Meta-Androcto I like how you are taking this route of fullscreen modelling and sculpting with these awesome looking pop ups just like in modo zen

I’ve been hoping this kinda clutter free interface where all you need is just under your cursor with a simple hotkey!

btw is this feature coming soon in steam aswell?

this souns nice but I have HardOps too :stuck_out_tongue: Too many developers chosing the same keys. Q and alt-q is another one :stuck_out_tongue:

hi, Just tested & np here with overwrite hardops menu.
My addon only works in Sculpt & Brush modes.
Hotkey is object non modal
Enable the addon in the 3D view category (after hard ops if you want to use both menus)
This is designed not to set up your entire sculpt session, but to quickly access the tools for fast changes if needed whilst sculpting.

So possible that the feature is not present in my download from yesterday, but is available from nightly builds after. And, it is an addon that needs to be enabled like the rest and not a feature already turned on. Got it.

Found it! It´s an option in an Addon called “3D View: Dynamic Context Menu”, I can access it via Spacebar and it´s great, because it does display added custom brushes aswell as standard ones! Thank YOU Meta-Androcto!
What would drive me totally nuts in a good way; if there was an option to press a hotkey and only the small preview of the brushes would pop up/ one wouldn´t have to navigate to it first. That would be… banaaanaas!!!

This is what it looks like on my system. Already great stuff, already heavily used, highly appreciated:

Edit: I just noticed, that this also works with 2.78b, so it´s probably not what you´re talking about. Still it has your name on it and is for me an awesome discovery, so thanks again!

I’m on Linux Mint and I don’t get the full mini menu of possible brushes - I get one option of regular size. Is there another addon or setting I need?

hi, in both the spacebar menu & brush tools addon in the addons preferences there is a checkbox to change the brush display size.

Funny that I find the space bar menu but I still don’t see the Brush Tools addon. I did find the option for the smaller icons though, and that helped.

Brush tools addon is currently in the “Testing” section of addons
in nightly builds only

Found it, my dream came true, opens up right with the brushes, THIS IS AWESOME!!! :evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin:

@Craig Jones: Testing-> 3D View: Sculpt/Paint Menus

I was playing with it for a while, and I must say it speed things up A LOT. It is a great feeling to sculpt without all that mess covering your view. Big THANKS for creating it!

What is the exact name of the addon? Has anyone using Linux been able to find it?

Are you using a nightly build from after the 2.78c official release? I suspect that it will show up in the Testing addons in there - I have only the first release of 2.78c and do not find it on linux.

Yes, using blender from buildbot (Wednesday build) “856077618a-linux-glibc219-x86_64”.
I can not find any addon called "Brush Tools " in testing.