Sculpt --> Retopo or Model then sculpt on a duplicate and bake info

So i want to get started on making a character. But i dont know which technique i should use. I heard gaming uses normal maps all te time so there is less topo aka more fps. So my big question is what is better. Start sculpting and then retopo it or model a character first and then sculpt it. In my head sculpting first and then retopo it should be easier since u can use the magnet tool but im not sure. Then again when you have a reference picture front and side its also not super difficult to create a low poly character to then sculpt on. Also in which scenario do you want to use a normal map to bake sculpting on a low topo and where do you want to keep the high topo. Im still a rookie at all of this, so i hope the question is understandable.

In general.

Bake normals and other maps.

Keep in mind that you can make a low poly base mesh for sculpting, but the topology that’s good for sculpting usually isn’t great topology for final low poly. Same applies backwards. So you still need to adjust topology or retopo after sculpting. Might as well ignore it in the sculpting stage so you have more freedom.

When do you want to use a normal map with low poly? Basically always. Unless your doing the ultra low poly “indie” style with flat colors and lighting and so on.

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Thanks thats all i wanted to know!

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