Sculpt, Shape Keys, and Multires

Hi folks, quick question here. Is it possible to use Shape Keys while sculpting on a mesh that has the Multires modifier? I can’t seem to get them to work… They work fine without the Multires (or after applying one). But I can’t seem to get shape keys to work while sculpting on a mesh that still has the Multires modifier in its stack… Any solution to this, or am I just SoL? Also, while I’m asking questions, is there also any way make the Circle Select ‘hotkey’ the same it was in 2.49? That is, pressing B twice. Thank you for your time.

No, I think you’re making Multires and the Shape Keys fight each other there. You can use either Edit or Sculpt mode to reshape Shape Keys, but using Multires modifier affects the number of veritices and effectively pulls the rug out from under what the Shape Key is trying to do. You should apply Multires (make it real) before fixing up Shape Keys.
Why not use C for circle select? (2.5 default), though I dare say you could reconfigure it if you want.

Alright, I figured as much, but just wanted to check.

The reason I ask about the Circle Select is I’m just used to pressing B twice… (That’s what it was in 2.49 and I’m just switching over). Its no biggie, I’ll just get used to pressing C.

According to Blender Wiki…

Multires is currently incompatible with shapekeys.

Steve S

I don’t get it… I’ve used shape keys with an active multiresolution modifier 2 weeks ago with the same version of blender that I am using now (2.58.1 r38019). I’ve added an armature modifier, then a multires below that and it worked, but now it’s not… I just don’t know what happened. :frowning: