Sculpt to edit mode

When im in sculpt mode i will create a object but when i switch to edit mode it is just the default box. I use the Multiresolution>catmull-clark to make a circle, then i try and get to edit mode to add edgeloops and such but no luck what am i doing wrong? I have only used blender a couple times and im trying to get serious about it but this is just frustrating me haha Thanks in advance

In the multi resolution modifier settings, is the Preview value set at 0. This is the level of subdivision when in object mode. If it is 0 then you will just have the original cube. Increase it to show more subdivisions


nope its

Sculpt 7
Render 9

i did go to Sculpt mode and hit Apply and in Edit mode it shows it but the object(poorly made face) is pitc black with the inserted eyes(uv spheres) still showing normal coloring

It is probably pitch black because if you have wire frame showing the wireframe is so dense. Zoom right in to show the faces. In edit mode it will show the ‘real’ geometry (a cube). Just think of the multiresolution as fake geometry until you apply the modifier. Don’t do this unless you really really need to.
I’d suggest watching some tutorials such as

Thanks for the info. So the process goes like this then?

Rough outline in Object mode/Edit mode
Sculpt Mode all details
Apply Modifier, or should the mask from Ret. not need me to apply the modifier?
Edit mode for animations etc.

, I got PDFs of 6 books, Beginning Blender, Mastering Blender, Animating with Blender, Blender Foundations: The Essential Guide to Learning Blender 2.5 and Blender 3D and im only like 50 pages in the first one so it’ll be a while till im good. But I am going to check out the tutorial thanks.