Sculpt tool doesn't work..

I am running the latest version of Blender with Python 2.5 on Ubuntu Linux. However, whenever I try to use the sculpt tool, nothing happens, no matter which of the different modes I choose. The mesh remains completely unchanged.
I have tried using this tool also in older versions of Blender with no difference.
Can you help?


Anybody? Google brings up some fixes for this problem - such as changing tablet pressure settings - but none seem to work.

A stupid question. You do have some multires divsions? Do none of the tools work ?


There is no need for rudeness. I’m only asking a question.

Yes, I do. Increasing the divisions has no effect.

Every other tool works.


If by latest version you mean 2.49a, the problem may be in Python. 2.49a was compiled with Python 2.6.2, so that’s what it’s gotta run on. Hope this helps. =P

Ah, that may be the problem. Unfortunately, I’ve downloaded the latest version and the 2.6 version won’t start. I think I may need to update my Python.

Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

Hmm. I was actually asking the stupid question, not you.


Ah, then I apologise. Sorry about this misunderstanding. :slight_smile:


are you using a tablet or the mouse?

Does the tablet work in painting?

Does pressure sensitivity work in painting?

I have the same problem on a Mac, were only the grab tool will function, someone mentoined changing a pressure setting to 0 resolve the issue, how do I do this?

Got it,
when draw mode etc… doesn’t work and only grab does

next to edit/object mode… sculpt > input settings> set Tablet strengt adjust to 0.