Sculpt tool "phasing thru" model

This is an issue I’ve run into in my 3D Dolphin skit, the link of which you can see in my signature.

I’m trying to use the sculpt tool to create cushions for a chair. I then want to bake this onto the original low-res model as a normal map.

However, my sculpting is “passing through” the model and incurring unwanted effects on the other side. I can’t correct these effects with the sculpt tool, since it’ll just cause what I’m doing to appear on the side where I WANT detail.

Can anyone help?

the sculpt tool brush is most likely a sphere of influence. your cushion looks fairly thin, so that when you apply a pull or pinch on one side the size of the brush is actually enough to affect the other side because its so close.

if you made your cushion thicker (by looking at it in side view and selecting half of it then moving it) you could work freely on each side separately and then make it thinner again when you are done.

i don’t think subdividing to a greater extent will be helpful.

i hope that was somewhat useful

I think that solved my issue. I did an experiment with a huge cube and sculpted random designs on one side, the likes of which didn’t show up on the opposite side (presumably because of the cube’s aforementioned hugeness.) This seems to have worked, at any rate. Thanks, Chimpstar.