Sculpt tool test

Hey all. Here’s a test of the sculpting tool from a Blender & 3D modeling newb:

I found it hard to get fine details into this. Maybe if went deeper with the Multires (and got a computer that could handle that :confused:) ?


looks AWSOME

For finer details there are really two options from where you stand now:

  1. Increase levels of Multi-res like you said.

  2. Re-model the head using your current version as the reference. When re-modeling, keep in mind where you are going to want the finer details and increase the vertex count in those regions. Smart edge-looping and vertice locations will allow you to add fine details to the areas you want and keep the multires level fairly low.

Some tips to helping your computer handle higher muli-res counts are out there somewhere. The most helpful one I remembered was to Set the Undo steps to zero and turn off Global Undo [Edited: Thanks Cire :slight_smile: ]

Nice model though, I would love to see some finer details added on :slight_smile:

Correction: Set the Undo steps to zero and turn off Global Undo . . . they’re two separate functions. I can’t tell you how long my own confusion on this point caused me frustration.


Thanks for the tips guys!