[Sculpt] Voldemort

This is a sculpt that I have made all in Blender.

I have make it in 3 step:

First, I have scult alla from a cube:

Than, I have used the Blender Retopo and I have done a more correct geometry.


At the last, I have sculpted again on the new geometry, to have much control the poligon density in difficult areas (Ear, Mouth etc…).


hey … it looks awesome … i really like the texture detailing :smiley:

might sound like a noob question but how did you do the skin texture details( the veins and bumpy textures etc)??? did you wrap a normal map on to the mesh?? can i please see the normal map?? i have no idea how to make a normal map for my mesh … :no:

It’s only sculpt, the mesh is on 800K face.
For detailing I have use a Free Alpha Brush set.

For the normal map, there are a lot of tutorial in internet, search Baking Normal Map on Google or on BlenderNation.org

Would be really cool to see the full voldemort with his clothes :slight_smile: (judging by how well you’ve made the head, I suppose the full character would be awesome :D)

Wow! you’ve done some really good job making this head. I’ve got no complaints at all since I probably couldn’t do it any better :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice! Keep going!