Sculpt with python API


I’m an experienced software developer and I’m currently working with Blender for an academic project which, among many things, involves sculpting an object through the blender python API.

I am a newcomer to blender and I’m stuck on how to use the bpy.ops.sculpt.brush_stroke method. Can someone please help me out with an example on how to use it?

I just want to transform X and Y coordinates of an external input device and perform a sculpt action… I have a very short time to do this…

Thank you so much in advance,
Wont someone please help me?
Tiago Marques

Had you have a look here:

Well, I hadnt, but now that I did, my question remains…
I dont want to sculpt through the interface. I want to do it in the python API.

through the python console, write “bpy.ops.my_sculpt_operator(‘INVOKE_DEFAULT’,x=456,y=765)” and see the mesh be sculpeted on that spot, as if i had clicked it on the same coordinates with the mouse…

Hi look at the picture, one can get Python Api info, if the mouse stays over the button!

The differen choices are to be seen with a click!