Hello everyone. I’m about to finish my first character sculpture (made in sculpture mode). Can you tell me what to improve or fix?

Ribcage, arms and the neck. Maybe tone down some areas? :slight_smile: You can resize the head a bit to get more space for the neck curvature.

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what’s the problem with the neck and arms?

The neck does not look like bending properly, and you can curve it a bit to make it more graceful. See how the sterno mastoid and it connects to the color bone coming from the behind of the ear normally. Yours does not look like it is handling that area properly.

Also it seems to thickened unusually, see the bottom last image of yours and how it has that pyramid shape.

Wikipedia image

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Here is a gorgeous image of a neck with all of its glory from

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oh now I see, thanx. and what is the problem with arms? You mean this?:

And what do I need to do with ribcage?

Arms need more definitions. I do not mean more muscles, the generic woman arm still has certain edges and shapes. And yes she needs armpits

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ok, thanx. I will post a new pic after after the corrections.