Vampire girl. Dyntopo, sculptris and Ps.

Progress Frankenstein. Dyntopo

The vampire girl image is really great, the composition , colors and the hairs contributing to the whole atmosphere makes it coming extremely well together.
Keep up that great work, the frankenstein monster is very promising.

superb ! glad to see such sculpts… kudos +1

the vampire girl reminds me of the chick from Pokemon’s Team Rocket. really like it.

Thanks, guys.
Update Frankenstein :slight_smile:

Very good sculpting Dimetrii!
The more you work on this guy the less Frankenstein he becomes. LOL
That’s OK with me.
A little out of scale hands? We had some talking with @sick on this matter of “transposing” tools in blender sculpting. We have it already in blender, somehow. The masking tool is what needs more development though. IMO
Maybe we should start a thread on this matter.

Hey michalis. Thank you.
I did not want to do the classic Frankenstein.
I have not seen this tool (transpose) in Blender. Can you give a link to the description of this tool? Or Blender have brushes - Rotate, Scale, Move?
Yes. We can discuss a lot of tools or brushes. How Transpose, Reduce tris and etc.


  • Twist brush as rotate
  • pinch-magnify as Scale
  • Grab as move.

here’s how.

  1. mask the area, invert. Under strength of brush, there is another option, smooth. Not a great UI solution, right?
  2. Under the above brushes properties, / curves, select the most right one, the line! (curve as line full on top)
  3. The center of the brush icon is your pivot point. Keep the brush large as needed.
  4. Oh the most important, under brush properties, select VIEW plane instead of the default AREA plane! Makes more sense for transposing purposes.

Supposing that these will work in sculpt mode, not under dyntopo.

I had success this way, “posing” fingers of a hand by example.

My conclusions: The masking tool is the priority for further development. The rest is rather a matter of visualization and handling.
I mean, a lasso mask tool, a smooth all mask at once button, such nice goodies are mostly welcome.

Yeah, we better jump to the dyntopo tests topic for further discussion.

Very nice sculpts.

Nice work on Frankenstein, Dimetrii
@michalis - edit mode works quite good as transposing tools. For example if I want to rotate an arm/finger etc.

  • i go to edit mode
  • select part that I want to rotate
  • set cursor at pivot, and change pivot to cursor pressing ‘.’
  • add proportional editing
  • rotate
    most of the time result is good enough and I do not need to add finishing touches in dyntopo or multirez

@Dimus, edit mode is just fine. Unfortunately it won’t be fine on a ~600k - 1 M dyntopo mesh. Not even on a 300k mesh.
we have a new lasso mask, so, posing in sculpt mode is looking more promising

next step…

you mean Frankenstein’s monster, NOT the doctor, nice work.