Sculpted Bust

Hi all,

Long time no see! I’m not sure if anyone would remember me, but I wanted to get back into Blender again (I’ve used and watched it growing since 1998 and took a long hiatus) and used this sculpting opportunity to get back into the flow. It was fun. :slight_smile:

Not sure where to proceed from this point - texture it? Or retopology it first? Or scratch that and do a new project? :spin:

Thanks in advance for looking!

Welcome back DreamMaster! Blender’s been around since 98?! My age was still in single digits then, haha. Glad you’re back.

Your sculpture looks great. His face and expression reminds me of a guy I had a crush on. The presentation of your work is also on point with the lighting and it’s background. In my ‘professional’ opinion what you should do next is… Just kidding, I’m not a pro in any sense of the word but it would be interesting to see you start a new project. This one is great ofcourse and would be even better taken further. It would be interesting to see you go from start to finish with another project. It would give us something to look forward to before the year comes to an end or perhaps something to anticipate for 2018, you know?

Hope you get more helpful feedback and whatever you decide good luck. (:

~Ll~ :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you very much, Loren Lemon! Aye, it was fun watching it developing into how it is today because I recall the day when we all were trying to fake a reflection by using some workarounds just because raytracer didn’t exist yet. Ah good memories. :smiley:

Haha, yeah it might be a good idea to move on to a new project. I just don’t know what and I have so many I want to do. I paint with oil painting and am mostly a 2d digital artist so yeah, I am not sure if I’ll be able to come up with something before 2018. :wink:

Just checked your latest thread on your anime head, cool stuff.

Thank you again for your feedback!