Sculpted model does not scale correctly

I just finished a sculpted coin that I eventually want to 3d print. The problem is that when I scale my new mesh the model seems to fall apart. Here are some screen shots:
uniformed scale
Scaled in Z

I have tried applying the scale before hand. I know that the topology is not great but I didn’t think it would cause this. Is there anyway to salvage this model? what could I have done differently?

after you’ve scaled, tab into edit mode, and tab out again. That normally fixes the issue you’re seeing with the second image. You should generally apply scale before sculpting though, just to be safe.

Hmm the problem is when I export as an stl I get similar problems in my slicer. It’s almost like the whole sculpted part is cut out when I got it on the plate. Maybe I should do another sculpt again and this time use multires instead of dyntopo

Hmmm…Dyntopo should be just fine honestly. Do you have any modifiers applied at-all that would affect geometry?

i did a decimate modifier a while ago but I have since then applied it.

Ok it seems like if I reload my slicer the model looks fine now. Thanks for your help!

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