Sculpted neck

Man I love sculpting.

Quick 4am piece, face is unimportant and rushed. Took about half an hour for the most part, half an hour tweaking.

The neck should follow reality somewhat but I made a fair bit up.

Anyhoo, here it is:


Actually, it does look alien-esque with the weird inverted tendons and the crazy knobbly bits. Cool. :] And yes, the CVS sculpting tool is great.

Inverted tendons? They all stick out :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess I messed them up more than I thought!

There’s a nice little looping gif, there. Still though, it’s no biggy. It’s a test, and the sculpting tools are awesome.

Thanks for the link, 'tis very useful.

I was working without images, just occasionally poking my neck, hehe.


Is there anything wrong with my computer (Athlon 3.2+, 1gb RAM )…

The sculpt mode is extreamely SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOW…

I do understand that ZBrush is much more faster but still - blenders sculpt mode hangs my pc =(((

How many faces are you using? What build, what OS, multires, are you using subsurf as well (bad idea)?

I can (with a little lag) sculpt 400k faces, and I’ve got an amd64 3000, 1 gig ram.

Well i’m trying to handle about 150 k polys witch actually stops my pc…

Windows XP, athlon 3.2+ 32, 1gb RAM =|

hmmm I handle 400k polys on an amd athlon 2500+; 464 ram (the other 64 is used for my shared graphics card) with a cheap ati integrated graphics card; and experience a little lag sometimes but is otherwise fine.

On an old iMac with 768 MB ram I’m able to work 1.6 million polys with a bit of lag; and 400k is fast. (Both of those are after subdividing - lots of swapping during the subdividing for both machines).

What is your graphics card? Also what build are you using?


I dont think I can handle 1.6 mill on a gig. Hmm, will have to try in something other than windows.