Sculpted Weapon (Ideas wanted)

Had finished all my work in the Games development course that i’m taking and decided to open up Blender and delve into a little bit of sculpting (my first attempt hence why it looks awful). The top image shows the textured/sculpted Model whilst the bottom simply shows the plain sculpted. Since i’m new to sculpting i need you guys to give me some valuable knowledge on what i can do to improve this little (sarcasm ;)) weapon of mine! Also if anyone here knows anything about texturing (as i do not) and want’s to help me make that look better too then feel free to comment about that also!! Thanks!

I question why you are making a weapon in sculpt in the first place. Why not save yourself the retopo effort later and just use hard surface poly modeling? You can always add the little dings and scuff marks when you texture the weapon later.

To be honest i’m not all that experienced when it comes to modeling, when i modeled the basic shape for a sub-surfaced cube i wasn’t on planing on doing much else with it. I was only really messing on with the sculpt tool to see what i could do with it!
I’m not planing on really putting this into a game engine etc it was just really some practice. And besides, can’t texture for shit haha! :’)

Well, here’s an idea for you: use the tools the way they were designed.

If you are interested in Blender’s sculpt tool, model organic stuff: heads, animals, gnarly old trees, you know, stuff where hard surface modeling would be difficult.

If you are more interested in the product, then learn the tool that best suits the result you want: poly modeling for hard surface results: weapons, cars, spaceships, buildings, furniture; sculpt for high poly organic results: people, animals, monsters, aliens.

If you are interested in animation, you’ll need to learn how to poly model using edge flow, or how to fix meshes using retopology.

Here is a tutorial about cyclesfrom BlenderGuru which has information about texturing, and anotherthat is about texturing. Blender Cookie has a whole tutorial categorydevoted to texturing, the tutorials marked with the little green ‘free’ icon are free, for the rest you need to join Blender Cookie.

Except that the sculpt tool is also great for working out forms that end up being retopologized into hard surface subdivision models, so you might try to build a retopo on top of your sculpt here and get some better bevels and such.