Sculpting 3d scan

Hiya everyone
I’m looking for some advice on how to close up this 3d scan then do some sculpting on it.

thanks heaps

Not that I am proficient… only thing the first thing is to get in and sharpen the edges and work out from that. I mean… it’s like you have a base mesh starter so not pull it out. Scan objects can limit a model and depend on the textures to make it work. Blender has all the tricks to get in and manipulate to get what you want from a blob… so work it like that. Best to you and hope it works for you. Give us some progress as you continue to improve this. thanks.

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fixed up the top of the scan now I gotta do the back of my head

I would just attempt to ‘plug’ the hole in the back of the head with a sphere. Add a sphere, and use proportional editing, to guestimate the back section of the head, and get a shape you’re roughly happy with. Don’t worry about intersections, if anything, I’d make sure everything intersects a little.

Once happy with the general ‘plug’ shape, Join the two object together (CTRL J) and then use the new re meshing tools in Sculpt Mode, and find a density which works for you. A raw 3D scan is likely not gonna be much use anyway.

You should then have a single mesh, ready for sculpting.

got this so farr mate

Yep, that works. Just make sure everything is intersecting, and there are no holes, and then a quick retopo, or even just turning DynoTopo on (in sculpting) should be good enough. Doesn’t have to look perfect - Sculpting is where you can really polish it.

sorry I’ve been ignoring your reply @peter18 lol just until i was ready to jump in to it does retoporo just greate lesss quads? do i have to go over whole model and add quads? to make a whole new model?

So, the best thing to do is to experiment a little with the voxel remeshing.

It will essentially ‘skin’ the outer surface, and a create a new, solid mesh. You can change the density of said mess to whatever you want, an see how it looks. You might want less than you have now, you might want more - it all depends on how much sculpting you plan on doing yourself.

Best thing is to just play about with it, and find what works. No right answer here :slight_smile:

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thanks so much mate i really gotta get into remeshing i has a friend do it for me lol bit of a lazyn move