sculpting a dragon

The progress so far

Suggestions for its wings will be appreciated

You could try using the flatten/contrast brush. that should work :slight_smile:

By using them i end up deforming what i want…
Any tutorial you can suggest .most of what i have found were speed lapse .

My system is slowing down now ,the viewport is becoming too much choppy and edit mode hangs the system for like 20 sec and then there is delay of like 3-4 sec for each click.
And ram usage reaches 1900mb whereas i am having 2gb ram only on my system.
Is there any tweak by which i can reduce memory consumption.

Have you enabled Vertex Buffer???
If not click Ctrl+Alt+U to open the User Preferences, go to the System Tab and enable the VBOs Checkbox. It worked for me.


BTW Really good start…I like the Dragon :smiley:

Yes it is checked, and thanks its my first attempt on sculpting .
Second actually but the first one was dumped at 10% of completion as it sucked pretty bad.

Really good…well, to be honest 2GB of Ram is actually not that much considering you already have more than 1million verts. Did you use DynTopo???

Yes. .