Sculpting a face (Critiques)

Hi, this is my first sculpture in long time. I’ve done some sculpting before. I’m very intrested in becoming a character artist, if anyone could spare some advice or give a link to a tutorial that finds very good, I would be very grateful.

Thank you!


post an image set with a front, 3/4 (like you have) and a side view.

It’s a good start, but looks a bit flat, the eyes may be on the high side (They should be almost exactly halfway between chin and top of skull. The rule of thirds is pretty well broken, with the length between the bottom of the nose and chin is huge compared to brows/hairline. For a stylized charcter this may be fine, but for a realsitic face basically most of the inner features should move down some.

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the ears are wrong seek in google images of the ears and you will realize

ears are actually super easy to make, just tedious and time consuming. Just look at a reference dead on, then sculpt and refine one part at a time.

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