Sculpting a face!

Well my second time playing with the sculpting tools! This time i decided to take a go at modeling my own face using my webcam.
Take a look what do y ou think?

Nose and eyes need to be lowered.(thus making the forehead bigger)
eyeballs maybe could be a little more narrower also, they are kinda wide spaced…

If you just started sculpting i would suggest first using Sculptris, or Meshmixer.
both free. they are dynamic tessellation(triangles) but the modeling is really nice,
you can retopo in blender.

thanks man! im not sure what those other programs are but are they blender integrated or are they other things like 3DS max? but this model is far from finished thanks for the feed back id never even thought of those things :smiley: im going to be uploading more photos as progress goes on appreciated if everyone could give me feedback!



whats the difference though is it easier or better than the blender tools?

Tessalation is the biggest diffrence - to put it bluntly - when You sculpt in Blender, it is all as detailed as You decided in the beginning, depends how many times You subdivided base mesh. In sculptris (And I think meshmixer too), tools can subdivide when needed, so You can sculpt, zoom, sculpt some more, zoom, sculpt details, zoom, sculpt details inside of details.
Here’s the video

thanks, but the problem i have this switching to another program is Im already familar with blender. Am i able to move my objects created in those programs into blender for rigging and animating or say the UDK?

basically no.
objects need to be retopo.
whats nice about the sculpting tools above is you sculpt just like in real life,
as if you were using clay or anything else you can add subtract as you wish…
without worrying about base mesh topology as the Dynamic tessellation adapts your mesh as needed.
(the mesh grows and shrinks)
no need for a base mesh(though you can use one), like in blender, you just create and sculpt

Give it a try its nice its like a poor mans Zbrush or 3D-Coat

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try would it? I’ll take a look at it but I’m most likely going to stick to blender since you can’t even do anything with the models made in those two programs

thank you! I’m sure these tools will come and handy too bad ive got an ATI board :frowning: oh well I’m downloading sculptris now! thanks for the advice guys!

I definitely recommend sculptris as a beginners tool, I used t for all my work until recently switching to blender for sculpting. It is much more flexible and forgiving. When your sculpting progresses you may want to switch back to blender as retopology is not a great deal of fun and if you want to use your model for animating/UDK etc then it is a neccessity…

Shameless plug (original sculpt made with sculptris and the rest in blender):

just something to be aware of in sculptris… when you import your models to blender they will always seem a little ‘fatter’ than you want, due to the camera focal length.

Im in the same boat as everyone else, i really want to learn to sculpt, but using blender right now makes me what to punch my monitor because its so frustrating and not really newbie friendly.

I did try Sculptris and i actually make something that im fairly proud of since its a first go at sculpting. Its definitely waaaay easier to just practice the tools. You just DO it. The program does that hard part for you.

when you start doing portraits, it is very helpful to overlay your screenshot of what you modeled with the reference image from time to time. this way you can easily see where you are off… also, look at side view images a lot ! … to make a head believable, the proportions are the most crucial part. that is what you need to fix now in the stage you are in… get the proportions right, and then you can dive into details and have fun, as the solid foundation will hold altogether… what you achieved already quite well is the sorm of the head, nice jaw line. so, try make change without changing that too much.