Sculpting advice and best practices needed

Hello. I’ve been sculpting on and off for about a year now, mostly just doing fantasy stuff like dragons and monsters. Things that don’t need super correct anatomy or stuff like that to look cool. I started like that so I can get comfortable with the tools and understand sculpting as a whole.

But now I want to get serious and learn how to sculpt characters, human characters. I started out with the body as it seemed easier, and while it probably has anatomical mistakes, I ended with pleasing results. However, the face is a different beast entirelly.

I’ve sculpted maybe 30 faces now? And only now I got a good result. Something that doesn’t look like a Skinwalker at the least.

This is the best I’ve managed to do without using any references at all. And here is my problem. I only have one monitor to work on, and it’s not a big one either. So how can I place dozens of references and still be able to sculpt all on one monitor?

As of right now, I feel lost on a human face. This character was suppose to be a male, but ended up looking like a female. And I feel is because I don’t have references to guide me. And speaking of references, does anyone know any good references specially designed to teach someone how to sculpt a human face?

And finally, what are the best practices to learn how to sculpt human characters as fast as possible?

And, I would like to end this by saying that I’m not interested on becoming a character artist, or an artist at all. I’m a solo game dev and I wanted to make my own assets for my game instead of buying them. Which is why I’m in Blender and am learning Sculpting, Texturing and animation. I’m also not necessarily aiming at realism since I want to have a more stylized aproach to my game.

So, to sum it all up:

-How can I place and use references while still being able to sculpt all in one single monitor?

-What are the best references for beginners to use to quickly learn how to sculpt human faces and where to find them?

-What are the best practices to become good at sculpting in the shortest ammount of time?

• About placing image references: You can drop any image you want onto Blender and use it as an “Empty” image object. Then move it around, either side by side, or far behind in ortho perspective. Another idea is to use an image editor like Krita or Photoshop, and drop the images there as layers and create some sort of image collage. Then just move Blender window on one side and the image editor to the other. More or less you can achieve the same thing.

• About finding image references: Generally you can have in mind of making a specific character (eg: Disney’s Ariel) so you grab a few of these images from various angles. The next step is to try to shift and bend your sculpt directly to match the reference.

• About finding image references for beginners: I can at least suggest practice a lot in minimalism and try to focus on the big picture first. The theory is that you must care only about the proportions and angles mostly. (eg: google “sculpt planes head”). So the deal is to try to make 40 sculpts like this up until you have burnt the shapes into the mind (but still you will always use references even as a master - no way to avoid them).

PureRef is a free program (donate them at least a dollar) that allows a reference overlay with transperancy.

As for reference images, the web is stock full of them, everything from image search to stock image sites (if you are looking for faces a celebrity gossip site would be filled with them) as long as it’s a reference and not a copy there is little harm in using inspiration