Sculpting AFTER rigging

Hello Blender Crew! I am new to blender… only been learning it for the past 2 months-ish and I have a question!

I have rigged a character… afterwards realizing I wanted more detail went to sculpt and Blender let me… the new sculpting I did showed up in the renders and didn’t seem to throw off the rig in any way… so what I am asking is…

Will sculpting after rigging cause me some big problems later on down the road?

In Maya this is simply not a good idea… amongst many other things… so I am curious if Blender is the same.

So long as you don’t change the number of vertices it should be fine, I think using the multires modifier (so long as it’s after the armature modifier) for sculpting basically gives you an insurance policy, because if it goes wrong you can get rid of the sculpting with one click…be careful when you’re using shape keys though, you can get some crazy issues if you’re using them sometimes.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I see, that’s useful. Thanks for mentioning about the shape keys probably would have found out about that the hard way.

Thanks for filling me in :slight_smile: