Sculpting and Rendering a Human Bust from start to finish

I just uploaded to Youtube part 1 of a short series I’m doing. The sculpting side of it is with Zbrush, I’ll be using Blender for UV mapping and I normally render in Thea via Blender but I will run it through Cycles as well. I hope to cover the whole process of creating a head starting from a basic sphere to a textured and rendered model.

I’ve never done anything like this before but I thought in the middle of a clay doodle that I might as well use Zbrush’s record history feature and give it a go, there probably won’t be any voice over or text but hopefully it will be of use to someone. I will make available all files when I’m finished.

Part 2 is more or less finished, I’ll upload it tonight or tomorrow. there’ll prob be 4 or 5 parts in total.

Here’s a preview of what’s next:)

Here’s parts 2 and 3. Part 3 is where is start to add in the detail.

I’ve started to paint the skin.