sculpting and shape keys

I am wondering, is it possible to edit shape keys in sculpt mode? It is much easier to create certain effects in sculpt mode as opposed to edit mode, and would be a lot faster and easier if shape keys could be edited in sculpt mode as well. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Sure, you just click the key you want and edit. Are you talking about adding a key to sculpt ? Just sculpted and add a key, Oh, add a key first. there are a lot of different ways to do it with different results. The keys are there under action editor under shape key editor. then view > show sliders. has good tutorials .But if you want to go back and redo a shape key, you just do it. There not permanent

As I understand it, you cannot currently sculpt a shapekey onto a mesh that is deformed by an armature. It doesn’t work in 2.49b anyway. The vertices all move in weird directions as the deform still assumes that the mesh is in it’s original shape.


Well Matt , i did not read anything about armatures, But yes you can , sculpted it , add a key and then armature , Just because you cant do It, I bet there’s lots of things you cant do . In 2.49 …2.5