Sculpting and subsurf modifier

I’m going back to an old character sculpture I had from way back and bringing it into 2.8, in sculpt mode though I notice the subsurf modifier isn’t visible, and there is a message under the modifier saying “!Hide. Mask and optimized display disabled.”

I usually do hard surface modelling so my knowledge of sculpting isn’t great, any help would be appreciated. I’m assuming I should be able to sculpt with the subsurf visible…

Subsurf won’t work inside the sculpt mode. Use multi res


Ah, OK thanks.

I’m curious, what’s the difference between multi res and sub surf?

In multi res you CNA change every vertices on the model with different levels of. Sub division. Other hand subsurf is a just smoothing

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OK, thanks.

Related tangentially… Why is the other half of my mirror modifier not visible in sculpt mode, do I have to apply first then use symmetry with sculpt tool?

Modifiers other then multi res no other modifiers works on sculpt mode. I don’t know why. But I things because of performance hit.