Sculpting apps with Displacement maps

I have noticed a lot of the free sculpting apps do not have an option where u can import a mesh, subdivide it and import a displacement map to displace the mesh and sculpt further.

I am currently having issues with Blender as it can’t handle a dense mesh, let alone export it. I have a displacement map I handpainted. So I am looking for an alternative app that can handle high dense mesh. I intend to export the mesh at a lower resolution, import into a sculpting app that can allow subdivision, import displacement map, decimate and export.

I have tried Sculptris, SculptGL and Meshmolder. I am not sure Meshlab has this feature. Only Zbrush seems to have this.
Any ideas on a workaround?

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You might try 3D-Coat ( ). I’m pretty sure that you can import images and use them to get an initial sculpt that you can continue to sculpt on. Try out the demo and see if it works for what you need.