Sculpting artifacts

Trying sculpting for the first time, I have used multires modifier and subdivided the mesh to level 3. I am getting this artifact in most of the strokes, some strokes seems fine though. It even shows up in the renderings. Can someone please help with this? sorry if I am missing something obvious, Thanks.

on the other side it seems fine

It even shows up in rendering like this

The artifacts are a consequence of the quad subdivision of the multires modifier (where the strokes go transversally respect to the loop flow), you have only two solutions IMO, increase the number of subdivisions, or use Dyntopo instead of the multires.


I tried to do level 4 but it is not making any difference, if it is still getting artifacts at this much higher level, I think it is useless.

Using the multires modifiers what also matters is the original subdivision of the mesh; to judge the global resolution disable the ‘Optimal Display’ option in the modifier and enable ‘Draw all Edges’ and ‘Wire’ in the Object tab of the Properties panel, every detail you will be able to sculpt is obviously limited to the grid resolution, so you need to subdivide until you get an enough dense grid.


In my opinion, it’s a good time to retopo and make your topology following the cloth wrinkles

By example, if i use a grid based topology and give some sculpt stroke in the diagonal of the edge and face loops of such a grid based mesh, it will not look good :

because it does not follow anymore the “flow” of the loops but go to their diagonal, making the flow being made instead of “losange”.
And losange usually do not really get well with the light/shading :

Now if i retopo and get my face/edge loops to follow my wrinkles :

the result is then better

Is it just me or the images you have attached are not visible?

The pictures are hosted on imgur, it’s a rather popular image hosting website, i don’t know then why you do not see the images, maybe check if imgur isn’t blocked for you for some reason i have no idea :

I can see it now, it was not visible last time I checked. Ok thanks for the help, I am still confuse but I will retry first with what I have learned.

ok may be another very noob question, if I go ahead and retopo this. then that creates a new mesh, it seems fine in this case, but how do you get the sculpting details in the new mesh? Any pipeline overview someone can give me? Or may be suggest me some tutorial that actually explains this matter? how do this zbrush guys do this? They have this extreme details, if they retopolize none of them will be visible. Ok I know you bake normals and displacement and stuffs, but how do you match UV’s of totally two different mesh or things? I just can’t find an exact answer.