Sculpting based on simple objects - delete inner faces?

Hi Blender friends,

For sculpting a character, I like to start with some spheres. One for the head…an oval shaped for the neck…and so on attached to one object. After placing all thoses, I would use dyntopo in sculptmode to go on. But I noticed dyntopo will leave all the inner faces. All those parts that could be deleted. Isnt dyntopo working like DynaMesh in Zbrush? Is there a workarround in blender?

Thanks in advance


This video show how to do it…You should look after other video…He has made…He is Damn Good…Puff Puff


Super. Thanks a lot. Bool tool works fine. Thanks


Good You like it…If You do not know this addon - Sculpt tool Ui …

Go go for it…:slight_smile: …It’s great…Puff Puff

Here is a video there show how to use it…

Really usefull Tool’s