Sculpting brush idea

Recently i used metaballs first i made a ball.
And then i copied the ball a lot, to make a kind of sculpture.
Every copied ball extended the figure.
In a sense this was much alike sculpting, with few major differences.
The object this way drawn on screen

  • was of a equal thicknes
  • the drawing was in a direction equal to the view screen.
  • the object was quite regular, relatively smooth due to lots of copies.
  • and some details where made by moving some ball forward/backward from the screen.

Then later i converted it to mesh to do a final sculpt over it.

It made me thinking, it would be nice to have such blob painting method inside the sculpt tools.
I dont know who maintains it, but perhaps its an idea.

If you use the Snakehook brush with this settings, it almost works like that. With Dyntopo activated of course.

I’ve been missing the same fuctionality (basically Zbrush’s tube brushes), but with a little bit of experimentation you can get a similar effect using the snakehook brush.

Thanks just tested it, i had to set smoothing to zero, then it comes close, its a bit hard to set size of the brush.
As it stops working at smaller brushes.

Also, remember to have some pinching too, in the image I set it to 0.5, but in further tests found it works better if it’s closer to 1, in that case some autosmooth is needed.

Until we can have a real tube brush in Blender, this is a “good enough” alternative. That or use Polybrush