Sculpting brushes

I DLed a huge archive of brushes from zbrush, but Blender doesn’t seem to reconize the file types for these alphas. Someone said while back he was using them on his system, but didn’t say how to conver. SOOOooo, does anyone know how to bring them into blender?

I assume you are talking the pack of alpha textures from the zbrush website with all the textures being in PSD format ? (as the devs removed PSD support on Window OS for Blender it may be exactly why you can’t open them on your Blender)

You can convert then to PNG, TGA by example , formats that keep good quality (unlike JPG) and so may be good for the brush, in programs like Gimp, Irfanview, Paint.NET etc… in which you can just load the PSD and save it into another format like PNG or TGA.

I know GIMP and Irfanview have batch converters (convert lots of file in a row) if you want to convert all the hundred of files from the package and not just a few manually, so you may want to look into them.

Oh thank goodness for having a batch converter. I’ll have look into how to do that cause wow… that’s going take long time do each one!! Why did they remove PSD format anyways? or do you know

All i know is that :

Basically they decided to remove the Quicktime support apparently because “it’s no GPL”, and for some reason PSD and GIF support were linked to Quicktime support and got axed in the same process sadly.

Though it’s only for Windows, as Linux and Mac still can use PSD (and maybe GIF i don’t know)