Sculpting+Bsurfaces WIP

hello peeps

Been learning sculpting+bsurfaces these past couple weeks, for some reason I’ve never used it before. And it’s sweet stuff. really fast workflow.

So I started a new project for practice, and it sort of turned into a Moira (overwatch) fanart. Meant it as a weekend project, but I’m gonna keep it going and spend a couple more days on it.

But wanted to share a couple wip shots of it. I’m excited about how it’s looking so far, and would love feedback.

only models so far, no materials. Just started working on clothes.

check it:


here’s an update on this character. Continuing to work out the clothes, blocked in everything but the shoes. Started working out textures for the face, but still need an overall material push. Tweaked a bunch of things that need it, ears were a mess so I did a push there, as well as some more sculpting as a concept.

minor update. rigging and extra sculpting. Close to calling this done.

left to do:

some basic blendshapes, more rigging, and textures.

This looks really nice! I like the profile on the character and the sharp angular look. I think the sharp line of the cheek flowing down to the Jaw could use some braking up close to the mouth. Looks a bit bumpy now and would be cooler if it was smoother. Really like the overall look of the character though. Lots of style.

Looks great!!! His face reminds me a lot of Hisoka from HxH

Hey thanks guys!

@Obstfelder: I think you’re right. Did some sculpting detail work on the face, 'cuz what you’re talking about bugged me, as well as needing some additional detail around the eyes and nose.

Also some texture / material work! Pay no attention to the nasty ears. I need to rework them.

Just that render for now, it’s too late to render another. I’ll post another when I fix the ear.

Edit: Also, I’m looking for a controllable way to fake spec lighting for the eyes, if anyone has any ideas. I saw that the Caminandes peeps did a version using the compositor, but I’d like to keep it in material if I can. Light groups would be awesome right now. Let me know if you have any ideas!

close to done.

Still trying to figure out a good solution for the eyes… I’d like something a little richer. If anyone has some solutions, send them over!