sculpting bug - stretched verts :(

I’m running into a problem I can’t seem to get around while using the sculpting tools in 2.53.

The basic problem is that at lower subdivision levels, some verts are getting stretched really far in random directions, resulting in spikey bits of the mesh. This doesn’t show up at all in the lowest or the highest level. All the verts that get stretched seem to originate from the mouth area, which is interesting because it is one of the few concave areas of the mesh, so I wonder if that might have something to do with it.

This didn’t show up at all while I was sculpting in the highest subdivision level, so I didn’t notice until I switched down to a lower level. sadness…

If any kind soul knows how to fix this, or why it occurred and could be avoided in the future, I would be most appreciative. I tried reshaping a new mesh made from the lowest subdivision level using the hi-res sculpt, but the artifacts came with too.

the blend file is too big to attach here, but I attached some screenshots that illustrate the problem.


I have had similar problems but using multires, i think the modifier needs some improvement.
My suggestion would be (not sure if you already did this) to do as much as possible of the sculpting in lower detail, only adding subdiv or multires levels when necessary for morre detail. Basically dont make large translational changes in a highly subdivided mode as i think the modifier doesnt cope well with this currently.
Also you could just apply the modifier before sculpting but you prob would have unless there was a reason not to which is common.
Hope that may work :slight_smile:

What version of blender 2.5 are you using. Have you replicated this in a recent build from

I have not attempted to replicate your problem exactly nor could i not knowing exactly what you did, but as i said i have comparable problems.
i use r30581, and recast detour build r30597 not the newest, but as far as i know no major work has been done on modifiers since.
Im curious though did you do a large amount of structural sculpting in a highly modified state?
I found that when i do this it causes problems in other modifier levels of subdiv or multires, sometimes i find the normals seem to be inverted or just jumbled up and when you sculpt no matter what you do a vertex might move in only one direction, presumably its normal. As far as i can recall this only happens when using modifiers.
definately something that needs to be fixed :slight_smile:

It can only be fixed if the developers know about it. There is a link in the blender Help menu to the bug tracker so you can report it.

i know, i put in my share of bug reports, i would have thought that voxelfog may have done so as he found this one and prob has more specific info as i havent looked into it too deeply.
the devs are prob gettin sick of my bugs anyhow :slight_smile: