Sculpting, but with real plasticine

Today, getting used to Scuplting 3D on screen, makes me a little strange to see the creation of objects in reality, using the same color tone … it immediately occurred to me to associate the two worlds … and to post this video to see what effect it also makes to you others…

As much as I love 3d/digital art, I really think their is something to using your hands to create something physical/tangible in reality. And that is something I do miss when working digitally.

In fact, I really should try doing some clay modelling one of these days! It looks like so much fun when you see these incredible artists work.

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I am with you.
although having as a primary source of creativity the digital, having to deal with the physical, the touch, the material, and the variegated materials, leads to greater understanding and improvement of the creative state, improvements that can also benefit digital art

there’s more … I start to believe that somehow the digital is starting to impregnate the matter …

Let me explain better, since the 80s people have begun to be fascinated by those first pixels that you could see on those screens that had a ridiculous resolution but then superb … 320x240 … and since then the art has become made electronic and digital … growing pixel by pixel, then conquering the digital three-dimensional space up to the modern CGI and the total mix that leads to the interactivity of the best video games, the best stories, the best graphics, the best styles the best techniques, the best programs, the blending blenders as blender :wink: … all the art has gone digital, and therefore a world as mental as possible to revolutionize … but now we are slowly returning to the matter … bringing the fruits of this digital revolution … and when this return to the matter will be more invasive … I dare not imagine how we will change this world …

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