Sculpting confusion.

I have been using Blender for about a month now and recently just started sculpting, but im a little confused on some things.

Once im done sculpting my mesh, how do you go about adding materials or textures to the sculpt? I have a few sculpts that i have done and i want to give them skin and make their teeth look like teeth and not just clay.

Another question also, what does a typical sculpting workflow look like? There aren’t many guides or videos on the subject. I sculpt with dyno and slowly add more detail, but after that im just completely lost.

Thank you.

I am also new to blender but, as far as i know,you can’t directly put materials and textures in sculpt mode. you have to go out of sculpt mode and go to object mode and then, you can put materials on that. for texturing, you go to edit mode and then UV unwrap the mesh. you may have to retopologize the mesh because, in sculpting mesh is so detailed its hard to uv unwrap them.

I am also very confused about dynatopo as it completely changes the mesh of the object.
for the texturing and materials i found tutorials of KENT TREMELL very useful. I think this would help you.

hope you have already gone through this, if not this might help you .
its complete 10 part series and deals with all the things to achieve realism in making portrait.