sculpting-crisp edges from base mesh

Not modeling very often and first try at sculpting instead of polygon modeling, I would like to know workflow for sculpting nice crisp edges like the the bottom of a pants. I sculpted starting at the top and was blocking my way down when I realized, I had no idea how to make crisp even edges. Just looking for advise on how to proceed. This model is in multires at 4 level and will be retopo and I can make them crisp in the retopo but I’m wonder how you make crisp edges in sculpt mode?

I did some testing and blenders sculpting tools does not really have what it takes to achieve hard surface crisp edges, either that or you have to be really good at it. im used to Zbrush so im comparing it to the best program on the market, but even with zbrush its a lot of work to maintain those edges.

Use the flatten brush with a high curve setting and the area plane locked to make the surface flat, use the pinch brush to sharpen the edges and then use the scrape and smooth brush for cleanup.

This is the best i could come up with.

Thanks. I think you can only go so far with the multires. I think the pinching will work. Appreciate you looking at this. Blender is getting closer to Z-brush but just not quite there yet. But you sure can’t beat the price.:evilgrin: PS the new blender cycles in 2.78B is awesome!

Darn is looks good!

Thanks, you could try sculpting with dynamic topology. I find it better then multi res for sculpting hard surfaces.