sculpting etude

I tried to add texture details to my model using the sculpt tool, and then baking a normal map. I noticed that the normal mapped render does not give every detail that I see in viewport.

  1. I can accept that and sculpt my highres details more exaggerated so the details would be seen in render.

  2. My lighting-rendering setup may cause the details to be lost, so I need to focus on lighting.

  3. Maybe I did something wrong when I was baking the normal map? But I don’ t think so because the process is very straightforward and the normal map is 2048x2048. Maybe the process includes normal map editing in a 2d software?


AO does wonders when it comes to crack and crevices. looks great…

Thanks ALLEYCAT, I tried ao after reading your post; it’s ok for cracks but didn’t show the little details (skin bumps).
I’ ve read in another thread that you can boost the normal map by applying it twice; this is the result so far:


try lowering the specular and if you throw the normal map in photoshop then duplicate the layer and set the mixing to like overlay or screen? i forgot which one it is, it will make the normal map more exagerated

Thanks for the comment.
Now, the normal map is overlayed to itself in GIMP. And a desaturated version of the normal map is applied to the model as a bump map.


I wish i could drop you my PS4. I love gimp, it works, its free like blender) yay!.. but photoshop in the right hands is legendary.

Your guy looks amazing, but, I wonder if maybe too much detail could kill it. One of your shots, your character has so many wrinkles it felt unnatural. Obviously your character isn’t human, but still…

In any case, excellent!!

Thanks. I see your point about the too much detail and unnatural look. This project is an etude for sculpting the smaller details. There isn’ t much work done for the design; so without the eyes it looks like some guy (my humanoid basemesh) with funny skin, I guess.